Quick Tips

  • Read Sources Carefully
  • Create a Killer Outline
  • Write an Awesome Thesis Statement
  • Analyze Sources
  • K.I.S.S. - Keep It Short and Simple
  • Proper Referencing Is a Must
  • Revise, Revise, Revise!

Strategies for Writing

  • Evaluate Each Source
  • Compare Them and Contrast
  • Provide Specific Examples
  • Express Your Own Opinion
  • Back Up Your Arguments

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Best Synthesis Paper Ideas

Where to Get Synthesis Paper Ideas

synthesis in essay writingTo select a topic for a synthesis essay you should first know the answer to the question “What is synthesis essay writing?” Synthesis in essay writing is taking information from a number of different sources and showing a relationship to make a point that supports a thesis or argument for a position you hold on a topic. Your thesis statement should be something that is debatable. An individual should be able to make an opposing argument on the same topic using the same sources. It is the way that you combine or “synthesize” the information from sources so that they provide a perspective that supports your argument that is the key to synthesis essay writing. If you are given the option to choose your own topic, you should select one that can be debated.

Criteria for Selecting Synthesis Paper Ideas

When selecting topics for synthesis essays you should keep in mind what a synthesis essay is and select a topic that lends itself to the synthesis process. Keep the following things in mind when choosing synthesis paper ideas to write on:

  • Select a topic you can take a stance on. It should be a topic that allows you to develop a one sentence thesis statement that you can present a case for.
  • Choose a topic that has sufficient available sources that you can use. You should have a minimum of three viable sources and more is preferable.
  • Select a topic that you have some knowledge about. Knowing something about a topic before you begin can make finding sources easier.
  • Select a topic that you have a genuine interest in. It is always preferable to write about something that holds your interest. Writing on a topic that bores you may result in you just going through the motions and could be reflected in your writing.
  • Choose a compelling topic that people are interested in. A topic that holds no interest for your audience will result in an essay that the reader doesn’t care about.

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Get Synthesis Essay Writing Assistance

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