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Tips for Writing a Synthesis Essay

Writing a synthesis essay

Synthesis papers combine information from different sources in ways that help readers to understand the information and the topic better, or to support an argument or particular point of view on a topic.

There are several steps involved in writing a successful synthesis essay:

  • synthesis writing tipsDetermine the topic of your essay
  • synthesis writing tipsFind appropriate sources about the topic
  • synthesis writing tipsRead the sources and think about the ideas, information and arguments presented and how you can use them
  • synthesis writing tipsIdentify the purpose of your essay. What type of paper do you intend to write?
  • synthesis writing tipsDetermine your thesis. What is the one main idea the reader should take away?
  • synthesis writing tipsDecide the main arguments/points you will use to support your thesis
  • synthesis writing tipsIdentify what background the reader needs to know about the subject
  • synthesis writing tipsOrganize the arguments into the most logical order
  • synthesis writing tipsFind the information from your sources that support these arguments/points
  • synthesis writing tipsWrite the first draft

If you write a lot, you will develop an approach that works best for you. If synthesis writing is somewhat new to you review some of our tips for writing a synthesis essay.

Tips for writing a synthesis essay

Not every synthesis essay will be written in the same way. There isn’t a single approach that works better than all others. The following are some tips for writing a synthesis essay to keep in mind as you write:

  • synthesis writing tipsHave a clear idea of what your purpose is before you start writing the essay. Knowing your purpose and what you want to accomplish determines how you will organize and write the essay.
  • synthesis writing tipsConsider what approach will work best when writing your essay. Compare and contrast, the strawman argument, summary or some other approach might be used. Each approach has its strengths and weaknesses and will work better in some situations than others.
  • synthesis writing tipsStay flexible as you write. Leave open the possibility of adding an additional point or making some changes that will improve the synthesis paper.
  • synthesis writing tipsRevise, edit and proofread your essay several times. Make sure that you have said what you wanted to in the best way and that all errors have been eliminated.
  • synthesis writing tipsLook at some other synthesis essays. Examples of good essays can give you some ideas for how to write your own.

Sometimes synthesis writing tips and examples may not provide exactly what you need or resolve a problem you encounter when writing a synthesis essay. When that happens you may want to consider using the synthesis essay writing service we provide.

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Additional benefits of using our service include:

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